No Help Needed…

“But I want to help you….you’re my brother!”  Chuckling, I listened as my 13 year old son proceeded to explain to his 5 year old sister, “I’m older than you. I don’t need you to help me.”  As the conversation progressed, I smiled in amusement as they came to an agreement and realized how often others (myself included) have the same attitude about help in life: “No thanks, I got this.”   No matter where the help comes from, we may resist it. A sign of weakness? Pride? Independence?  Insecurity?  I’m not sure. In another breath, how many times do we say the same to God, “No thanks, I got this” as we foolishly plow ahead proclaiming, “No worries, I am doing all of this for You, Lord!”

A great reminder for an independent soul:  “I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD…”    Let me do everything with You.



My favorite part of the New Testament is Jesus birth; not because of the mushy awesomeness of a Savior being born, but because of the way God chose for Him to come to us. Born to a young, unmarried teen, a teen that found favor with God, but definitely not the culture. An engaged teenage girl whose baby wasn’t her husband’s biological son: Yikes!! ((Stoning, anyone?!))

Oh, I love how His message calls to everyone not born in the sweet married circle of love. Jesus, our Lord, born in a circle of what the day considered scandalous. How amazing & heart catching is that?!